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We’re delighted to welcome you to our site. Because we believe that work and leisure can only be appreciated after a good rest. Literie Trucks offers you a selection of mattresses, and handmade mattresses (factory in Brittany) that will meet your expectations.
Always keen to improve comfort, we offer the Tempérêve insulating blind, designed for lorries, vans and cars.

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Always intending to improve comfort, 2020 means the arrival of a new product for our friends who drive, namely the TEMPEREVE insulating blind for HGV cabs.



When it comes to bedding, manufacturers supply quality mattresses that don't necessarily meet the requirements of users. To make up for this deficiency, Literie Trucks has been marketing made-to- measure mattresses for motorhomes, trucks, caravans, boats, mobile homes, etc. since 2004 (1st in France).

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